A secure supply chain is a major concern for all pharmaceutical companies. Stolen, tampered, or pilfered product can be costly and cause damage to brand recognition. Pharmaceutical companies typically provide layers of security for in-transit cargo to enhance overall security. As new technologies are developed, adding additional layers of security for access control and tamper incident reporting can improve the integrity of pharmaceutical shipments.

The TrakLok System is designed to complement current security measures such as padlocks, bolt seals and GPS only tracking. The system is a two part system, the GeoLok locking device and the TrakLog web portal.

The robust GeoLok locking device provides physical security, access control, and tracking and serves as a deterrent while providing sufficient stand-off time to protect in-transit cargo from theft and pilferage. Installation of the GeoLok is straight forward, does not require a key or tools, and takes less than 20 seconds. The keyless system eliminates key custody issues while access control is maintained by using location and time based access codes. Access codes can be modified at any time while in transit and distributed to destination personnel to prevent unauthorized access by the driver. A world-wide communications system, including backup satellite, provides continued communication in remote areas without cellular access across the globe. The TrakLok System ensures that your facilities safety standards are extended all the way to your products final destination.

The TrakLog web portal is used for tracking and configuration of defensive measures such as GeoFences, access codes, communications requirements, and incident alert notifications. The TrakLok System records all relevant access and attempted tampering events while in-transit. Real time event notifications can be sent via text and email to appropriate personnel. The TrakLog web portal is a single access point for monitoring the progress and status of your in-transit cargo. Optionally an API is available for quick integration into existing cargo monitoring systems.

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