Due to the high value of shipments and ease of resell for stolen tobacco products, the tobacco industry faces higher in-transit theft problems than many other industries.  Tobacco theft, in terms of dollar value, consistently ranks as one of the top 10 industries for cargo theft.  Many tobacco suppliers are adopting a multilayered approach to security ranging from pad locks to tracking devices to escorted shipments.  A product that combines physical security, access control, and tracking can be a cost effective solution in a multilayered approach.

The TrakLok Security System provides a layered defense for your cargo addressing both full load and pilferage type theft.  The TrakLok System consists of the GeoLok locking device and the TrakLog web portal to secure your in-transit inventory.

The robust GeoLok locking device serves as a deterrent and provides sufficient stand-off time to protect from full trailer or container theft as well as pilferage.  Installation of the GeoLok is straight forward, does not require a key or tools, and takes less than 20 seconds.  The keyless system eliminates key custody issues.  Access control is maintained by using location and time based access codes.  Access codes can be modified at any time while in transit and distributed to destination personnel to prevent unauthorized access by the driver.

Using the TrakLog web portal, users can configure alert notifications and set geofencing to monitor cargo while in transit.  Alert notifications for events can be configured for the appropriate people based on your security process.  The TrakLog web portal is a convenient way to monitor the progress and status of your cargo.

To understand how the TrakLok System can impact your bottom line, contact TrakLok International today; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 855.TrakLok, 865-927-4911 x2001.