MeatAre you looking for an Access Control system for cargo that will help meet future requirements of FMSA (Food Safety Modernization Act)?  Within the confines of your facility a myriad of controls, cross-checks and handling safeguards exist to ensure the safety of your product.  When it comes to food defense shouldn’t food carrying vehicles be just an extension of your facility?

The TrakLok System provides a way for food manufacturers and carriers to proactively control and manage access to cargo.  The system consists of the GeoLok locking device and The TrakLog web portal; together the system ensures a safe journey for your in-transit inventory.

The robust GeoLok locking device provides complete access control while your shipment is in transit.  Installation of the GeoLok is straight forward, does not require a key or tools, and takes less than 20 seconds.  Access control is maintained by using location and time based access codes.  Access codes can be modified at any time while in transit and distributed to destination personnel to prevent unauthorized access while the shipment is in transit.  The TrakLok System ensures that your facilities safety standards are extended all the way to your products final destination.

TrakLog Web Portal

With the TrakLog web portal you can monitor the in-transit progress of your cargo.  Access codes, geofences, and alert notifications for specific in-transit events are all easily configured on the cloud based portal.  The TrakLok System records all relevant access and attempted tampering events while in-transit.  Real time event notifications can be sent via text and email to appropriate personnel.  Post journey documentation can also be generated to meet FSMA reporting requirements.

The TrakLok System gives food manufacturers and carries a cost effective way to protect their products from theft, pilferage, and intentional adulteration while providing brand protection from factory to end-customer.

For more information or an online demo, contact TrakLok International today; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 855.TrakLok, 865-927-4911 x2001.