The apparel and accessory industry continually ranks among the top five targeted industries for cargo theft.  High value women’s clothing and accessories and high end sports apparel such as athletic shoes are among the most targeted items.  Thieves often target cargo in the garment industry because the items are easy to fence and difficult to trace.

Loss prevention is one of the top priorities for security personnel in the clothing industry.  The TrakLok System is an effective tool in the fight against in-transit cargo theft.  From single carton pilferage to complete trailer theft, the TrakLok System serves as a theft deterrent by providing access control, physical security, and GPS tracking.

The TrakLok System is a two part system; the GeoLok physical locking device to secure over-the-road trailers doors, and the TrakLog Web Portal used to configure the GeoLok and monitor the progress and status of in-transit cargo.  The system allows loss prevention personnel to control who has access to inventory via location and time based access codes.  The GeoLok locking device serves as a deterrent to theft and provides intrusion stand-off times much greater than a padlock.  The TrakLok System can be used as an additional layer to your current security measures providing the strongest possible defense against losses.

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