Tarbell Management Group

We use TrakLok’s security system to protect our tobacco shipments. We like the physical security the locks provide as well as the tracking and alarm capabilities. They are easy to install and remove with no tools required. Because they are not permanently attached to the trailers, we can easily apply them to any shipment. We also appreciate the level of customer service that TrakLok provides.


C&K Trucking

“We had two real big sets of problems. We were having what I call ‘onesy, twosy’ where someone breaks into a container they remove 1 or 2 items that they can physically carry like a small TV’s or small electronics…the other problem we were having is if the whole container got taken and we’ve had several times where that’s occurred…then you have no idea once it is outside of your yard where it is and they’re very easy to get into if it doesn’t have a GeoLok on it. “I would say that the Geolok has definitely allowed us to go into new markets and gain new business…we’ve been able to use it when we market to customers…it’s been especially effective with some of the customers that give us freight where we are required to store it either overnight or for a short period of time at one of our facilities. They have a high level of confidence that the freight will be secure and so do we. “In terms of our insurance it was a real benefit…when we renew our cargo insurance, I am interviewed by the insurance carriers to ask about our different products and policies and how it is we prevent cargo theft because it is increasing in the industry as a whole and one of the most impressive things that they have found is the fact that we use the GeoLoks and that the GeoLoks prevent the theft.”



“AMC specializes in crushing, screening, drilling and blasting. Our equipment crushes aggregates for use on haul roads, railway lines and concrete work for mine infrastructure developments. Having equipment on time without tampering or pilferage is critical to our business. TrakLok had the only product that combined rugged physical security and global tracking. The TrakLok system has provided us with the physical security needed for shipments throughout the African continent."


Interstate Ventures Incorporated

“I am the Transportation manager with Interstate Ventures Incorporated and we basically handle both government DOE and commercial shipments of hazardous waste and radioactive waste to disposal sites…. “The problems that we were having with our current tracking devices that made us look at the GeoLok device was that they were simply a tracking device to let you know where the positioning was…with the GeoLok device, we not only get a positioning report of where that particular unit is at during times of transit but also we can use it as the device to help secure the cargo doors on the container or the trailer to make sure that the cargo is kept safe from theft. “The best feature about it is that the ease in which it is used…it’s very simple to install…it’s very user friendly for our drivers to use it, to set it up and then to remove it from the equipment once we get to our destination. “It’s just about indestructible and in our business that is a real plus considering that some of the that we do handle, that we do transport…with it being secured on the trailer, it’s not as easy to cut like it would be a just a regular seal, piece of wire, a pad lock or whatever…it is a very useful at keeping your equipment secured.”


Empire Express, Inc.

“Empire Express transports critical materials for a fortune 100 company. Cargo security and on time delivery are key to our success. Earlier this year, our customer challenged us to find a next level visibility/tracking product for their shipments. Traklok had the only product that combined rugged physical security, an intelligent sensor platform, and a communication system to monitor our cargo. The TrakLok system gives us confidence with the physical security needed for our Mexico shipments and their visibility system was the only product that worked continuously all the way to Newfoundland, Canada.”