Can you afford to lose cargo to theft or vandalism? Can your customer? Remember that cargo loss goes well beyond insurance coverage.

TrakLok's GeoLok™ freight security solution is a ruggedized locking device designed to take extreme abuse while ensuring access control and cargo condition monitoring. Unlike asset tracking devices, the TrakLok solution provides tough physical security, while delivering all the typical features of cargo tracking devices and more!

The device is equipped with the unique feature of "GeoLocking," giving the user the ability to designate where the shipment can be opened based on time and location. Users can be assured of the trailer doors staying locked during transit (See trailer lock device) and that they will receive alerts to any attempted tampering of the shipment. The device is removable and reusable, allowing for versatility that cannot be attained by embedded devices.

The TrakLok solution's communications also allow the user to track their container shipments globally. Information such as current location, movement history, and geofence alarms are transmitted by the GeoLok device and available to the user through TrakLok's web interface, TrakLog.

TrakLog™ is the cloud based backbone that powers our TrakLok™ products.

The TrakLog web portal is your communication tool to interface with the GeoLok™. System services include gps tracking, alarm/alert definitions and updates, password and geofence set up, and system reports.

TrakLok’s open architecture system allows you to set different roles and security authorizations for your supply chain, logistics, and security personnel. Working with our technical support engineers, you also have the ability to fine tune your security platform system wide or on a lock by lock basis. Helping you track your freight containers and securing your cargo is our number one priority.

With TrakLok, your lock can only be opened by the right person, at the right place, and at the right time.

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GeoCase – "When you need to know it's there."

Right person, right place, right time.

If your courier-transported product requires the upmost security then you need:

  • Audible and silent alarm-activated tamper protection
  • Auto GPS/GPRS traceable signal broadcast when tampered with
  • Access only granted from a destination's longitude/latitude
  • Access by only one person from that location with the proper code
  • Access with that code only within the pre-set time Real time monitoring of movement and location via customized web portal

All of these features, or in combination to address your need, are available in a GeoCase product. Each order is customized to fit our client's need within a ruggedized transport-friendly design. Confidentiality, as well as satisfaction, is guaranteed.