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Improved Customer Service with Secure Access Control

Show your customers how much you value their freight with a secure access control system to prevent pilferage, adulteration, and theft.  Why shouldn’t inventory security, access control, and monitoring used in the factory be extended to in-transit cargo?

The TrakLok system uses a combination of location and password to control access.  This combination eliminates key custody issues, while improving access security.  The lock can only be opened in the right location, by the right person.

Whether you are moving high value or high risk items, TrakLok provides your customers with the best access control system on the market.

“We’ve never had a single theft of a load protected by TrakLok. In the past, we experienced as much as $300,000 annually in cargo theft and damage, raising our costs for deductibles and insurance premiums. Those savings alone have helped us realize a return on investment of less than one year in the TrakLok integrated lock, alarm and tracking system."

Vice President of Risk Management

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